Defense & Attack Railway Drill (Forehand) 1

The Defense & Attack transitions need to be properly introduced to young players to ensure that they fully understand the importance of maintaining the correct balance and weight transfer from the back leg to the front leg in both directions of movement, i.e. whether the player is moving backwards (Defense position) or moving forward (Attacking position). In the video you can see how I stress the importance of maintaining the feet perfectly aligned with the intended direction of the shot, not allowing the back foot to come forward during the shot, nor letting the front foot move sideways in preparation for the shot. Natalie, a 12 year old player who has been training with DCTENNIS for almost one year, has just returned to the courts after a long couple of months hiatus due to the COVID-19 Lockdown in Singapore. But her form and fitness are quickly returning to her game as we diligently go through the basic drills of the Spanish System. I will be sharing more of these short clips on future postings. I hope you enjoy them and find them useful to developing your own basic training. Feel free to leave your comments. Play the Spanish Way!

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